About Us

L.P.G. Conversions Pty. Ltd. was first incorporated in Victoria in 1977, and was one of the first companies to fully appreciate the huge potential and benefits that L.P.Gas offered the Australian motorist, and also the Australian environment.

In the last 30 years, the L.P.G. industry has changed, and we have been proud to be at the forefront of that expansion. L.P.G. Conversions has transformed itself from a "Backyard" business, to an industry leader. Importing state of the art products and technology from all over the world, and distributing this product all over Australia.

Our management and staff have always taken an active interest in the L.P.G industry. With representation on the Australian Standards committee, and VACC Board of Directors, this shows our level of commitment, not only to the L.P.G industry, but also the Automotive industry as a whole.

In 1996, we established Advanced Fuels Technology Pty. Ltd., which allowed us to further our expansion into the Natural Gas market. Advanced Fuels Technology now has become the largest installer and supplier of C.N.G. and L.N.G. systems in Australia, with O.E.M. relationships.