L.P.G. Equipment Sales and Development

L.P.G. Conversions, as well as being a major importer, distributor and manufacturer of well known brands of L.P.G. Automotive equipment, from around the world. We also develop vehicle specific products. Quality and reliability always remain true to the core of our Company's ideals. This ability to source the right product, for the right application, has allowed L.P.G. Conversions to move to the forefront of the L.P.G. industry. 

With the introduction of new makes and models of vehicles, new products are developed and sourced to meet the demands, challenges and regulatory standards that apply to the industry. Once developed, these products are then tested for durability and operation, then integrated into our product lines to be sold to our customer base, Australia wide.

L.P.G. Installations

L.P.G. Conversions is an accredited workshop with the VACC L.P.G. Specialists group, and the AAFRB (Automotive Alternate Fuels Registration Board). L.P.G. Conversions prides itself in suppling quality products for installations in our fully equipped workshop. Having a full appreciation of the technology appearing in new vehicles today, our Company has the ability to deal with the issues that may arise when modifying the vehicles fuel system.

Reasons to convert a vehicle to L.P.G. are:

  • Reduce the annual fuel costs of running a vehicle on Petrol.

  • With a $1000 Government Rebate, converting a vehicle to L.P.G. has never been so affordable.

  • L.P.G. is more environmentally friendly than Petrol. L.P.G. reduces Hydrocarbon emissions and the carbon footprint of the vehicle.